Deck Music Source icons same for Apple Music and Local Music

But if it’s possible for Djay to change the icons for local music vs streaming music that would be a big thing. Its so frustrating to get the “No neural mix”-sign while you own the song.

Hi @Jan_Gipman, can you please clarify your suggestion with a screenshot? The icons for Apple Music and Local Music are already different.

One of these tracks is local and one is from apple music, can you tell which is which?
While in the My Collections playlist at least one has one and the other two music notes.

Off course I can pay more attention when I load the track but when I am in flow I forget. With beat source or Tidal I can see in one wink where the loaded track is from.

Now I see what you’re talking about @Jan_Gipman. Thanks for the screenshots. I’ll share these with the engineering team.

Also, I’ve moved these posts to a new topic so we can address this separately.

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