Deck Swap Feature

Please add a feature similar to Deck Swap on the Pioneer DJM-S11 and Rev 5.

  1. Essentially this feature moves the currently playing track from Deck 1 or 2 over to Deck 3 or 4.
  2. This is really handy when you’ve completed your transition to a new track, but want to keep some parts of old track going, while you get another track ready.
    a. For example, maybe you have some melodic element, a vocal loop or hi-hat pattern that works really well with the new track so you want to keep it running while you’re cueing up the next track.
  3. Currently, I do this manually by creating an Instant Double from Deck 1 to 3 for example and then fader cutting between them, but it would be great to simply move the track with a single MIDI command to free up Deck 1 or 2 again. (For example, SHIFT + Load 3 to move the track to Deck 3).
  4. On a 4 channel controller I prefer to do my main mixing on Decks 1 & 2 so I don’t need to constantly change the deck platter controls over to 3 & 4 and back again.
    a. By pushing the old track over to Deck 3 or 4 there’s very little need to ever change the platter control away from Decks 1 & 2.
    b. IMO this makes the whole 4 Deck mixing process smoother and easier to manage.
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First time I heard about this feature, but it sounds usefull.

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Great suggestion but have to learn first to map.

I regret I have but one like to give this feature request…but make it available to everyone in the software, not just users of that interface/controller.