Deck Temp Defaults to +6

Deck Temp keeps defaulting to +6 which is affecting each song that is played automatic. I have tried everything in settings including resetting deck settings. Still has not fixed issue. Running off a MacBook Pro with the lateral OS. Does anyone have any suggestions, Would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @ant092376,

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So that I can better assist you, could you please explain in greater detail what you mean/are referring to when you say the “Deck Temp” and the issue it is causing?

Thanks in advance, and I’m looking forward to hearing back from you!

Thank you for responding.


Everyone a song loads it defaults the tempo of my song as seen in the picture which of course effects the pace of the song. How can I get it to remain defaulted to 0

Thank you for the additional information and clarification!

Can you confirm if this is occurring with any hardware connected or does this happen regardless?

Additionally, can you confirm if the “Reset EQ, FX, tempo” button is enabled from within the general settings window? I will provide a screenshot below for reference.

It is happening whether it’s connected to a device or not.

I validated that the box is not checked

@Jru I believe I figure out the issue.


Tempo adjust was set to Sync instead of Off

Thank you so much for your help!

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