Decking problem


the last time I used djay Pro for Mac in a club, there was an error with the decking. I connected the two Pioneer CDJ 2000’s, and in the deck selector the text was unreadable. And it didnt let me to use the deck 2, only the 1, and the 3. So I needed to in the 4 players mode.

Any ideas what could be happened?

My version was 1.3.1.

Hi Imi Trcz,

thank you for contacting us. Tried to reproduce this issue at our office but the two CDJs worked.
Did you used djay with two CDJ 2000s before?

Lukas E.

Hi Imi Trcz,

thank you for the follow up. This is weird, it would be cool if you can try to update the firmware of the malfunctioning controllers in order to see if that is the problem.
Do you have the chance to do so?

Also for more information about how to setup CDJs and how to select which deck the controller is going to be allowed to control, please open the djay Pro Manual in djay Pro for the Mac version 1.4.1 under Help -> djay Pro Manual and go to chapter 5.14.2 

Hope this is helping.

Lukas E.

Hey Lukas E,

thanks for your answer. Yes, I used it many times with CDJ2000s. I had this same problem two times. Any other times the software and the players worked perfectly.

Maybe the firmware of the players was old – but it couldn’t be a problem for the software.

So when I wanted to select the decks on the player, I couldnt even select the deck 2, and the other decks’ texts was like “lnsadjdwe”. Anyway, I selected them, and worked.

An other thing: is there any way to select wich deck I want to play in the 2 decks view mode?


Hi Lukas,

it was on the club. Maybe I wont ever see those players again. :slight_smile: But in a few weeks, im gonna be back there for a night, gonna let u know what happened.