Decks not displaying! I keep changing the display hoping it'll come up but it is blank

please see image. The decks are just blank. I can play music but can’t do any actual doing beyond maybe automix

Thanks for your note. Can you please let us know what version of djay Pro 2 and what hardware / software configuration you’re on (e.g. 15" MacBook Pro with macOS 10.14 installed)? What happens if you switch the view mode in the upper right corner and/or top center?

Thanks for the infos. We haven’t been able to reproduce this on any 10.14.4 system yet. Can you please try and see if the same happens when you launch the demo version on your system? You can download it here:…

If you experience the same issue with the demo, can you please launch “Console” app on your Mac, then launch djay Pro 2, and send us the output you see in Console app to

15" macbook pro with mojave 10.14.4.
dj pro version 2.0.11

when i switch the views the black box gets bigger but i still cannot see anything.