Deejaying with iTunes playlists

So I’m thinking of upgrading to OS Catalina and because I won’t no longer be able to use my iTunes playlists to deejay with I’m trying to how to get my iTunes playlists into my Djay Pro 2 app without having to re organize my music into playlists again.
I was able to create a playlist under “my library” and then “Playlists” by copying my iTunes playlists and just dropping them into Djay Pro. Seems to work but is it really all I have to do? If I upgrade to Apple Music, will all that disappear? If so how can I do it without having to recreate my playlists from scratch? Or is that what I’ll have to do? Thanks.

iTunes is located in Finder Window.
Know that Apple Music is streaming and will not work on Djay.
Purchasing from iTunes and uploaded mp3s will work.
I subscribe to Apple Music, but chose not to Upload my mp3s to Apple Music.
Uploading allows you to have your mp3s on all devices.

All my MP3s and purchased music DO work on Djay.
I sync all my iOS devices through iTunes on my Mac.

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