Delay when activating Neural Mix? - Djay Pro 5.0x

Is it just my setup or does anyone else have issues with Neural mix taking almost a second to kick in when muting one of the stems for the first time on every loaded track? Using the MacOS version on a 2019 Intel macbook air i5 with 16 gigs, so not the newest, but should still be able to cope IMO, as it works fine with Rekordbox and Traktor.

That’s what happens with my iPad 6th Gen but works fine with me 9th Gen.
In Settings/Advanced/Neural Mix, What is the Quality set at?

I can’t set it, it’s locked at 80 percent

Hi @jimbobatzke, djay automatically checks your hardware capabilities and adjusts the Neural Mix sound quality for optimal performance. This cannot be manually adjusted. The delay you are experience is likely due to your hardware. Here’s the hardware list to achieve 100% quality:

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