Delete FX - or: MIDI Mapping through Favorites

Hey lads,

I got a problem which makes using different FX in a mix basically impossible. I own a DDJ-400 and it has a button to navigate through the effects (up and down).

The thing is, it navigates through the entire list of all FX. I don’t want 90% of all the FX available, so getting from one of my fav FX to the other is a massive pain in the ass. Now we have a list of favorite FX to contain only the FX I want.

  1. Why is it not possible to map the Controller key to navigate only through this fav list and not the entire list of all FX?

  2. Alternative idea: As a workaround, is it somehow possible to delete the FX I don’t want to use?

I‘d be glad to get some answers. This is a huge letdown and is insanely annoying. I want to change my 5 fav FX on the Controller, not via my Computer.

Is there a known workaround?


Yeah I have the same problem with this. My work around is to always remember to manually switch to the favorite FX list via the computer every time I load DJay. Obviously a pain. I would prefer DJay to just always default to my Fav FX list, then if I want something outside my Favs, I can manually switch out of the list. It’s the same with Key Lock - I would like it to always be On by default.


Well, this would be a great workaround. But this doesn’t work with the DDJ-400: Even if I select the fav list on my computer, the FX button on the DDJ will ALWAYS scroll through the main list with all its effects. I don’t know why, and there’s also no mapping to change this behavior. This sucks massively.

Try selecting the Fav(Star) list on your computer and then the first FX in your list with the mouse before you close it. Do the same for the FX on both decks. Then try it from your controller.

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