Delete Looper & Sampler Packs

Please add the option the delete Looper and Sampler Packs once installed. I installed all of the packs so that I could decide which ones I like. I only use 1 or 2 of them regularly so I’d like to delete the others so they are easier to navigate, select and use.

Also I would like to be able to set a default Sampler pack so it loads automatically when I start DJay. I made a custom sample pack and I need to remember to load it every time I start DJay because it always defaults to the Essentials pack. Thanks.

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Is ther a way to delete looper packs from the library once downloaded?

I download packs to try them out, but id like to delete them once donw so i don’t have a long list of options in the menu.

Thanks for helping.

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That’s a great question.

Hi @miche,

This is currently not yet a feature of djay Pro AI but I will pass thing along to our dev team again for further consideration!

Additionally, I will most likely be moving this thread to a similar/previous thread below. Thanks!

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@NathanielAlgo my original thread from Aug 2020 was closed long ago, but yeah +1 for this feature again.


Can’t believe this is NOT possible!