Deleted Playlists still showing in Itunes Playlists in DJ Pro 2

I have cleaned up my playlists in iTunes (now “Music” in Catalina) - I have deleted a number of playlists and playlist folders. Some of these are still being loaded into DJAY Pro 2 on my Macbook.

Even though I have removed the folders and playlists the playlist names are still appearing in the iTunes list on DJAY Pro 2

I have scoured the music folder and deleted some old .itl files but still they come up.

Anyone got any tips?

Hi Trevor, Thank you for getting in touch. Could you tell us which djay version and macOS version you are using? Could you check if the same playlists are also still being displayed in the iTunes tab of Garage Band?

Hi Lukas

I have the latest version of both as I did a fresh update before posting here.

I did not check GarageBand as I don’t have it on my Mac

I have since resolved the issue by creating a new profile and opening the DJay Pro application there.

The playlist listings seem to be linked to home folders in some other way. Prior to this profile change I completely changed the Music folder location (new clean folder)
And also emptied the music folder - and still no change