Deleting an Apple Music Streaming Playlist?

This is probably a simple mistake im overlooking but how do you delete a playlist or song from Apple Music in Djay?

(Not local music. )

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Hi @MrG, what version of djay are you using? Prior to 5.1.5 you could only edit Apple Music streaming playlists in the Apple Music App. As of 5.1.5, you can now do this within djay. However, please note that there is a know bug with 5.1.5 that applies to local music files. So, if you rely on Local Music for DJing or you have a gig soon, I would hold off on updating for now. Thanks!

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Hey @Slak_Jaw yeah im running 5.1.5 still.

So when im in djay and click my collection im able to make a playlist and also delete it if i right click on it with option to rename as well.

Now if i click the red apple music streaming icon, i can create a playlist but cannot delete it. If i right click on it, it gives no option.

Any clue?

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Hi @MrG, please capture a video of this, upload it to your Google Drive/Dropbox, enable sharing permissions, and share a link to the video. Thanks!

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Perfect. Thanks for the video @MrG. I’ll share this with the engineering team and report back when I have news. In the meantime, you should be able to delete these playlists from within the Apple Music App.

No problem @Slak_Jaw !

When i go to Apple Music on the mac, the playlist created in djay doesnt show up. So im still not able to delete them.

Hi @MrG, I was mistaken. The Apple Music API does not allow for 3rd parties to modify or delete Apple Music user data. We are only allowed to create playlists and add tracks to playlists. So, unfortunately, this is beyond our control.

@Slak_Jaw oh ok gotcha.

Theres got to be a way to delete the created playlist in the itunes app but i dont even see the created playlist in the itunes app. It only shows in djay.

Ok i figured out why. So i had to sync the library on itunes app for the lists to show up. Once it showed up i was able to delete and it showed delete in djay.

So in order to delete playlists you must do it from itunes app. If it doesnt show, you have to sync library then itll show up. Downside, Apple did their stupid Match song feature which added stuff i didnt need.

But playlist deletion solved.

Yes, exactly. Glad you figured it out @MrG. Thanks for the follow up.

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Thanks for always helping @Slak_Jaw !

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You’re welcome @MrG !

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