Demo mode issue on Mixtrack Platinum FX

I am using a Mixtrack Platinum FX with djay Pro AI for the Mac. Occasionally the controller starts to flash in a ‘demo’ mode even while connected to the laptop and djay pro being open. I was at a gig at the weekend and this happened several times, leaving me panicking that the controller wasn’t working correctly. Most buttons seem to work correctly when this happens, but I noticed the crossfader lost its curve and just switched to the other track at the last moment. Mostly it is distracting and confusing, which is not what you need when playing out! Any ideas on this??

I have now noticed that controller is very delicate for connections and how you attach all of those needed cables, network connection and so. My order is for connecting:

  1. Check that iOS has network connection
  2. Connect usb/lighning cable to iOS device side (if you are using adapter, you should use adapter with external power outlet)
  3. Open DJAY
  4. Connect usb cable to your controller
  5. Now controller should now start that demo show
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Thanks! I will try that, however I am using a Mac rather than iOS. I have also noticed the demo mode starts if the controller is left alone for some time. I think this happened last weekend as I plugged in my kit ready for my set and left it, however when I came back the demo mode had started.

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