Dennon MC4000 and USB-C iPad / MacBook

Anyone have experience with MC4000 controller and iOS/MacOS?

I’d connect the iPad with a USB-C hub multiport adapter (and Mac with the usual USB-A “printer” cable).

I saw some old forum discussions on MC4000 compatibility from over 2 years ago but nothing much since (besides some MIDI library access minor weirdness recently). I see the MC4000 is in the list of supported controllers so I assume all is fine at least on Mac or Windows. I use iOS a lot however, esp in smaller outdoor gigs.

So, anyone with real life performance experience in the field on MC4000? I appreciate any info!


  1. I don’t personally have any experience with the Denon DJ MC4000, but it is officially supported on macOS and iOS.
  2. Looking at the images of the back of the unit, it appears to have a separate power supply. So, you might be able to connect the iPad directly with a USB-B to USB-C cable. I’m not sure if the Denon will be able to charge the iPad though. My guess is no due to the age of this controller.
  3. So, your best bet would be to use a powered USB-C hub connected to the iPad then a USB-B to USB-A cable between the hub and the Denon.
  4. Be sure to use high quality USB cables with dual ferrite chokes on either end.

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