Denon 6000 mk2 low level

hello can anyone help been using djay for years but have noticed a problem i didn’t know exist. iv’e got two denon controllers mc4000 and mc 6000 mk2 both seem to work fine but when i compare it with serato dj intro the level is so much lower in djay than it is in serato. its also less responsive in djay than in serato strange thing is on version 1.1 the level is much louder almost the same as serato on the mc6000 mk2 but on the latest version of djay pro the level is almost half can anyone shed some light on this problem??

increasing the master volume still doesn’t bring it to the level it can go compared the full volume with older version and it’s much louder on the older version and serato

I’m using the latest version not sure what number it is but it’s the latest release. I mentioned version 1.1 does not have this issue nor does serato or Traktor so it’s a djay pro issue. I also sent an email as I didn’t get a response until now on the forum. Any means of communication is fine with me thanks

Hey Mr 501,

thank you for your post.
Can you tell us which djay version you are using now, 1.1 is quiet some time ago.

Also is it possible that you wrote us two mails, which way of communication is the most pleasant for you?

Cheers,Lukas E.

I noticed this too. I had to increase the master volume on the controller to have adequate sound.