Denon DJ Prime Integration

Please tell me you guys are working on an integration with the Denon DJ Prime hardware like Virtual DJ has done :pray:. This integration looks fantastic. However, it would be so much better with DJay on iOS. I can imagine showing up to the club with just my iPhone or iPad and plugging into the Prime gear. In addition to being able to use the touch screen on the Prime, you would have a dedicated screen on the iOS device for the Looper or Library. Not to mention Neural Mix controls. Please, please make this happen!

Here’s a demo of the Virtual DJ integration:

We are aware that some of you are keen to see this added. We do our best to add new controllers whenever we can, although we can’t give timelines on these things!


Reach out to Jason Stout at Denon DJ. He would make it mutually beneficial for both companies and all DJs would benefit from this. TIA.

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yes, this integration would make me a definite purchasere of future denon products…i really like the 6000m…

Thank you for the information.

Also looking forward for this integration!
There’s a couple of features I love about Djay that I cannot find elsewhere…

I second this! Adding full support for the display would be amazing.

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