Denon DJ X1850 mixer - BPM receive

  • Device model : iPad Pro M1
  • Version of operating system: iOS
  • Version of djay: 5.1.7
  • Hardware/controllers used: Denon DJ x1850

**Your question: Will this mixer receive BPM from my iPad when connected on the USB input?

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Hi @Christo_S, the X1850 Prime currently does not receive BPM information from djay. Thanks.

Thanks for the answer!
Does the Xone PX5 receives BPM from iOS?

You’re welcome @Christo_S. The Xone PX5 FX Unit requires MIDI clock, which is currently not supported by djay.

I have passed the “BPM receive for the X1850” request onto the dev team for consideration though to see if we can support this in a future update.

The PX5 states that can receive midi clock from usb.
So Djay in general cannot send midi clock? If not, it would be a great addition!

Correct. Sending MIDI Clock is currently not supported by djay. However, I recommend that you hold on a little bit as I believe there will be some news regarding the X1850 coming soon :wink:

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