Denon LC6000 + Djay - not more than a children toy ?

I have tried it 6 month ago and I tried it just again but there is so much missing to consider it as a professional setup. Is it only me and everybody else is happy or is no one using it this way ?

I dont want to go in further detail but only make a backspin and you know what I mean. :frowning:

You should go into a little more detail. I don’t have an LC6000 myself, so I can’t try it out. But what exactly do you mean, what does not work? A backspin may not work, but that alone cannot be decisive.

Oh yes, it can. If something is listed on second place as recommended DJ Gear then it should work perfect. There may be some other LC6000 owner which may have an opinion on this as well.

Hi @Aquadics,

Thanks for posting to the community for the first time!

Would you mind sharing some or all of the missing components that you would like to see integrated into djay with this hardware?

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Have a nice day!

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Hi @NathanielAlgo,

Thanks for your reply. As soon as I will have some time in the next days I will try to provide you the missing information. I have the great opportunity to compare between the combination DJay + LC6000 and SC6000 + LC6000.

For now, have a great day !!!

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I have two LC6000’s and find them to be very good. They do need a little bit of adjustment for DJay Pro, but that’s normal with most set ups, unless you’re buying everything from one company.

As far as a backspin, yes, that could definitely be improved upon. The jogs are not as loose as I would like myself, but I’m used to coming from vinyl or free wheeling jogs. I did have to go in to the settings and adjust the sensitivity to max, but since then I’ve had no problems with them.


Hi @Archiesbald,

not that I depend on backspins but only to know that it behaves like it behaves with Djay makes me sad.

There should not be a sensitivity setting to adjust it. The song should change the position related to the jog wheel. Currently as soon as you are not touching the jog wheel anymore the software is falling back in Pitch Bend mode.

Algoriddim could fix it by adding some additional logic. I never got this behaviour with any other software/hardware combination. (Traktor Pro, Engine OS)

I will try to provide a video to make it more understandable and hopefully this will motivate Algoriddim to improve this in an update.

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Hi @Aquadics,

Thank you for the additional info and yes a video would be fantastic if you are able to provide one.

Thanks so much again!

@NathanielAlgo I will try to provide something during the week.
The weekend was too hot and shiny :slight_smile:

Ok, as I have mentioned there are different things I would like to mention so let’s start first with a easy one :slight_smile:

If I am changing the Loop size (no matter if the loop is currenty active or not) I would expect to see the current loop size in the wheel display like I would see it if I use a LC6000 connected to a SC6000.

I see this really useful but this is currently not supported from Djay.

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Hi @NathanielAlgo, now you got a description from a first issue which should be improved. Is this something the software team will work on and fix ?

You know, I am not a big fan of waisting my time, making movies and reporting issues to get nothing out at the end because Product Manager, are not motivated to follow user suggestions of there user base. So I will await if there will be notable changes before I move on to reporting the next one. :slight_smile: