Denon LC6000 Mapping is not included with Algoriddim Windows Installation

When connecting the LC6000’s to Algoriddim in Windows, there is no mapping and the jog displays do not work. There is also not a mapping download findable on the Algoriddim website for the controller (although it is listed as a compatible controller).

Hey @Myalteredsoul ,

Thank you for reporting this here in the Community.

First, please go to to check for available firmware updates.

Then, please follow these steps to connect the controller:

  1. Make sure all of your devices are powered off or all of their volume levels are at their minimum positions.
  2. Connect LC6000 PRIME’s USB port to an available port on your computer or a compatible Denon DJ mediaplayer.
  3. Connect any output devices (headphones, power amplifiers, loudspeakers, etc.) to the outputs of your mixer.
  4. Connect all of your devices to power sources.
  • When starting a session, power on (1) LC6000 PRIME and other accessories or input sources, (2) your mixer, and then (3) output devices.
  1. Using LC6000 PRIME with djay, select the deck that LC6000 PRIME will control. See Operation > Deck Selection for more information.
  • When ending a session, power off (1) output devices, (2) your mixer, and then (3) LC6000 PRIME and other accessories or input sources.

For a more in-depth guide on how to connect the controller, please consult the Connection Diagrams section here:

When it comes to the downloadable mapping you mentioned, to confirm: we do not offer downloadable mappings on our website for supported MIDI controllers (since the controller should work with djay upon establishing a connection between the two correctly). But you can always map the controller yourself, if you wish.

Hope this helps. Cheers!

Firmware is up to date.

LC6000 works fine with Algoriddim on iOS and Mac OS.
LC6000 works fine with Serato and VDJ on Windows.
It is only Algoriddim on Windows which has this issue.