Denon LC6000 - what mixer?

I am looking at 3 or 4 x LC6000 or 2 x SC6000 with one or 2 LC6000 . When used on IOS, what mixer would work nicely with this? I current own Denon MC7000, wich would work fine with 2 x LC6000.
But what 4 Channel DJ-mixers should I be looking at?
PS I have a brand new iPad pro.

Any class-compliant DJ Mixer would work. Some good examples are the DJM-S11, the RANE Seventy, [edit additions:] A&H Xone 96 or PX5.

Cheers, G

Thanks for the reply.
I am asking for 4-channel mixer suggestions.

I found the Mixars Quattro. But then I need some extra device to control software effects per deck.

I already have the Denon MC7000 and 2 Denon LC6000. This actually works great, but I am looking for a mixer to replace my controller, and eventually add one or two extra LC6000s.

Hi @RobustaDK,

Any class-compliant mixer should work. You can easily find out if a device is class-compliant by going to the manufacturer’s website and checking if the device requires a driver in Mac. If it doesn’t require a driver on Mac, it’s class-compliant.

I can confirm the A&H Xone 96 works fine.

Cheers, G

Wow Xone96 is very nice but pricy. I was looking at the PX5 but they have som delivery time.
Dont know if I really would be able to feel the daily difference to the price tag.
I guess both would work with both Mac and iOS

Looks like it.

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