Denon MC 6000 and Djay Pro 2, Delays in responding to sound adjustments.

Hi everyone. I have an old Denon MC6000 controller and I’ve always worked with Traktor which works wonderfully.
A few months ago I bought Djay Pro 2, because I read that Plug and Play works with this controller but I have problems.
During my dj set, when I set some parameters such as bass or treble, gain or master volume there are big delays or the sound is not faithful. For example increase the gain, but the volume remains the same for a few seconds and then suddenly it increases a lot more than I wanted to increase it, or the sound becomes as empty, with low frequencies too light, almost empty, decompressed and the music does not " pushes". How can I solve these problems and continue using Djay Pro 2? If I do not resolve them I will be forced to return to the Traktor software. Please help me!
Thank you!

Hi Pio,

Thank you for your post.

Can you please check if you have the “Reset EQ” setting activated in your djay general settings?
If they are activated, disable them and check if the behavior is better.