denon mc2000 with djay software - midi mapping for illumination


I started the custom mapping of my Denon MC2000 DJ controller but how to configure the MC2000 controller to activating key illumination with djay software ?
I really love djay, but I am frustrated not being able to fully enjoy the great denon MC2000 controller !
it seems to be possible to achieve - with midipipe software ?- but how ?

please help me.


Have you tried the “MIDI Out” options? Click on “Show Advanced Options”.


thanks for your quick response.
i do apologies for my worst english. i’m really sorry.

yes, I open the “midi options” tab but I don’t know how to configure these options?
if I click on the box “midi out” nothing happens. about it I found this testimony, here :…
but without any explanation.
even I ignore the use of “midi pipe” software… it seems to be difficult.
help appreciate !!!


FYI: Since our last update, djay Pro natively supports the Denon MC 2000.
Check it out!

We’ll definitely consider your feedback. However, we generally do not talk about any of our future plans. Hope you understand.

Given how many Numark and Pioneer controllers are now supported, I’m really hoping that Denon controllers will get some more love soon. Any chance that the MC3000 will ever be supported? Topic here: