Denon MC4000 Djay Pro Mac


I have issues with Denon MC4000 and Djay Pro for Mac. When I use the deck-faders 1 and 2 to mix a song, sometimes the faders go “crazy” (they do a very quick up-and-down movement). Sometimes even one of the decks suddenly stops. If I move just one of them that issue doesn’t happen. It only happen when I use both at the same time (obviously to mix a song). This happen with the native mapping and also with a costumized mapping. All the other sliders and knobs (fx, pitch, etc…) work like a charm.

Anybody have the same trouble? Any ideas? Please help, thank you.

Hey there,

I replied to your other thread, sorry for the weekend delay.

Last News: I have used the Denon MC4000 as a MIDI controller in Apple Mainstage and the faders went well. I have assigned two faders on mainstage to each fader of the Denon (1 and 2). Used both at the same time and no trouble at all.

I have tried also the advanced options in mapping setup (change de MIDI Channel, played a little bit with those options, but sadly with no good response).

I have seen it. Thank you Lukas.