Denon MC4000 not mapped correctly with Djay Pro?!?! (Windows)

I went ahead and purchased the Djay Pro in hopes of using Spotify…well, ALOT of the MC4000 controls don’t work. When trying to scroll through the library, it want to almost “page down” and will not go up…only down. Another MAJOR issue is there is NO headphone monitoring…Ive tried mapping various portion to no avail…PLEASE HELP.

Can you give specific directions as to how you accomplished this Tim? Thank you

Lukas I had recieved this email from you on December 11th 2017.
Hey there,

we are very sorry for the belated response.

We are aware of the problem and will do our best in order to find a solution and will contact you right away if we found one.

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What I gathered from that email was that you were all aware that there was an issue with the MC4000. I had not received anything since then, so when I saw Tim’s comment I was trying to understand if he uninstalled and reinstalled the driver or what steps he went through.
I had already gone through the steps that are included in the linked article with you guys on the phone and had no success. I was hoping that he had the key to resolving this.

Did some tweaking last night and uninstalled my drivers for the 4000. Tim is correct, the mapping comes to life without the drivers.
I experienced what Tim is saying about not being able to change the buffer size. Playing just music seems clear but if using effects or loops it gets muddy.
Other down side is when I am using my other softwares (Serato and Traktor) I have to re-install the drivers. So it is either or.

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if you experience problems with a natively supported controller, please go through this FAQ entry:…

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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Hi guys,

Please deinstall your driver first.

The Denon MC4000 does not need a driver when you are using djay Pro for Windows.

If there are any issues you encounter with djay Pro and the controller, please share them with us via

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

I just purchased Algorythm DJ today for the same reason. I would like someone to map the cue headphone monitor appropriately… At the very least the same support as on Mac for the MC4000.

Uninstalling the Denon MC4000 fixed the issue for me. Meaning the mapping was done for w/o the controller driver installed. This causes a whole bunch of problems such as being unable to change latency settings for the MC4000.

Can anybody confirm that there is a fix for the issues with the library and headphone cueing when using the MC4000 on djay Pro for Windows 10?