Denon MC4000 NOT WORKING with DJAY PRO 1 and 2

Hello everybody,

I use Djay Pro for Mac and Denon MC4000. When I use two faders or knobs at the same time, suddenly and total random, the faders/knobs used do a very quick and rare movement. Sometimes even one of the deck stops and/or the track is changed! It only happens when two buttons are used at the same time.

ATENTION DJAY’S: NOT BUY DJAY PRO (1 or 2 version) if you want to use it with this controller. BETTER BUY SERATO.

Macbook Pro 15 Retina Touch Bar and the latest OSX used.

Crazy about the MC4000. It just does not work with Algoriddim software. It’s a popular controller too and advertised as being a compatible unit. Algoriddim’s marketing department have left them selves wide open for some valid complaint and maybe even a case for false advertising. Just plain slack!.

Hello Algoriddim,

I love Djay Pro 2, but recognized the same Midi Problems wird Denon MC4000 like described above.

Please inform us here in this forum, if about this problem will be taken care of and when we can expect a solution.

In the meantime, might it be a workaround to test all midi settings and eventually find out a fault in the settings, for instance the same syssex for two different functions?

Thanks in advance

In Greece the denon mc4000 is very popular. It needs to be mapped correctly. Now I’m playing with another program and I’m seriously thinking if I can’t find a dj pro 2 again.