Denon MC4000

I hear you. For me this isn’t a big deal because that’s how use mixers at clubs anyway. I turn the mic channel on, figure out the mic volume knob position with a quick “check, 1, 2” then leave the mic on and use the mic volume knob when I want to talk. This comes from my experience of finding so many buttons completely worn out in club mixers.

And now you support the MC4000 so that was awesome of you to give us a head’s up before, not.

(Only) the following Denon controllers are natively supported by djay Pro:

To Algoriddim staff, have the problems which Mr 501 mentioned 4 months ago been fixed. I am thinking of bying on mc4000. I am using Djay pro for mac.

Also I wonder: In your homepage you mention that that controller is nativeley supported by Djay pro 2 for mac. But I have Djay pro for mac. Does it work directly
out of the box here aswell?

Can I buy that without hesitation? I don’t want to have problem in live-enviroment of course. Would be embarassing. . Any other users here, who have that combination with Mc4000 with Djay pro for mac.

Just like djmagicmoments said, the Denon MC4000 is natively supported.
You can find all supported controllers right here:

Lukas E.

Hi guys,

The MC4000 is natively supported by djay Pro 2 for Mac and djay Pro for Windows.

Any issues, problems, and feedback you have encountered with the controller and our software feel free to share via

Thank you in advance.

Cheers,Lukas E.

This is typically why i haven’t bought the software, i am really interested in that software but having such a crap support is not helping…

I also have library issues and other issues like: the cue buttons for the headphone don’t work. I can’t switch between the two decks on my headphone, do not have sound in my headphone now (pre-cue-ing). And ''seek forward and '‘seek backward’ with shift + pitch up or down doesn’t work.
Maybe there will be more issues.
I’m geting tired of it, first i had a Hercules Rmx2 which should be supported, but had also problems with this controller and Djaypro.
That’s why i bought the Denon mc4000 and now i still got problems.
Using Windows 10 x64.

They advertise that the controllers are supported but why do i have problems with two different controllers…

Is your library issue fixed already?

It’s a shame.
Well, i now buy the mc6000 (not mk2) cause that one will work properly with windows 10 and djay pro. A friend of mine has the 6000 and can use it without probs.

Yo, djpro sucks. I got back to virtual dj after practising djpro. Download your music from Tidal (flac files) or Spotify with Arhame and mix the tracks in for example Virtual dj8. I use thils and works perfectly.good luck.

Athame it is

I just purchased Algorythm DJ today for the same reason. I would like someone to map the cue headphone monitor appropriately… At the very least the same support as on Mac for the MC4000.

Thats what I ended up doing though without the drivers you have no way of controlling latency settings for the MC4000 causing crackeling and popping sounds to occur when the latency is set too low.

Is anyone STILL having issues with the MC4000 whilst using djay Pro for Windows 10?

The mapping is not working properly… I have dj pro 2 & MacBook pro & new denon mc 4000. For example, when you turn the mixing button on your headphones it causes problems and when you quickly lower the volume buttons it interrupts.

I’ve been using it for a month now and the only issue happened one night the audio would slow down and sound crackling. I just restarted the controller and left the PC and software running and that fixed it in less than a minute. I’m not sure if I would recommend it yet for reliability, but I haven’t been able to recreate the problem so…