Denon MC4000

Has anyone purchased the Denon MC4000? using djay pro.
Thinking of purchasing one… Just wanted to know if it would plug straight in and work, or do i have to mess about by mapping it.

I am having issues with the library controls on my MC4000 scrolling through my library. I have even tried to map it with no success. Any help would be great.

Nope. Three weeks and not a peep.

Lukas, I have commented below this comment about issues with library controls and soundcard issues with DJay Pro ( windows 10). My comments were 6 months ago. Can I get an update on if these issues are being addressed? Thank you

Heads up to those having the Library issue. Uninstall the Denon drivers completely. Restart computer and plug in unit without loading drivers then turn on software. This worked for me. There is nothing wrong with the mapping. The mapping problem went away when Denon drivers are uninstalled.

Same here. from what I understand Windows 10 has the drivers imbedded somewhere. I wonder if there is a way to access/tweak those drivers?

I have not heard of anyone having issues with DJay on a Mac. Mac has supported this format for years. The problem I had with DJAY Pro was related to Windows and it was more a driver issue than anything. ( I gave my solution above). Windows support for Algoriddim is a very new thing, so I am not quite as surprised by my issue.
One of my biggest attractions to DJAY was the ability to use Spotify in the software, but because of the lack of support from Algoriddim I elected to use my money to get into a record pool and stay with Serato.
BTW the MC4000 is an incredibly robust compact unit. Being able to find a unit this size, built this well with dual mics and XLR out at this price point is unheard of. With the right software my MC4000 has been issue free.
Also the MC4000 works well with Traktor as well.
Once I discovered that you had to remove the Serato drivers and reload DJAY, my mapping problems went away.( this is not the best option if you are moving back and forth between programs as the driver needs to be reloaded every time you use Serato)
There is not really a document anywhere that gives a layout to how DJAY is mapped on the MC4000. I think if DJAY would do this there would be better success on this setup for Denon and DJAY imo.

I’ve got an MC4000. It’s a great controller & USB class compliant…so pretty please, could you add it to iOS djay app supported hardware?

In the meantime, could a friendly Mac user upload the djay pro mapping for me to ‘borrow’ for djay on my iPad please?

Yep, natively supported for Mac…but as I mentioned, I’m using an iPad & djay 2. Unless when on the page where it lists support for Mac it means both Mac & iOS, but I doubt it.

It’s not been released yet so no one has one.

Be careful, there are NO on/off switches for the mics on this controller. Denon must have forgotten them.


Sure, if you want to have to reset your levels every time you use the mic.

Not too many pro controllers that don’t have an on/off for microphones.

I am fairly certain that this is natively mapped now.

Yes, just checked and it is supported. Plug and play!

the denon mc4000 does not work reliably with djay pro 1 or 2 algorithm know of this problem. you will be embarrassed if you use it in a live environment take it from someone who it’s happened to twice so I switched to Serato works perfectly.

This problem has not been fixed nor do I think it will ever be fixed it has been a problem since djay pro 1 they just don’t care. Works fine with serto no issues but if you use djay pro 2 it will embarrass you for sure trust me I know first hand

It doesn’t work on a Mac not sure about windows

Try doing two things at once and leave the cross fader in the middle keep cueing on one deck whilst the other is playing and adjust eq or filter etc that seem to make it go wrong

My friend this company does not care about you I have tried for two years to get them to fix this issue but they don’t care so I switched to serato everything works now but you will be left in the dark

Adrian, this would be the appropriate time to let us know whether or not there are any plans to natively support the MC4000.

Don’t you just need to turn the volume down?