Denon MC6000MK2 Mapping for djay Pro


I bought djay Pro a few days ago, and yesterday attempted to map my Denon MC6000MK2. Overall I found the MIDI Mapping quite painless, although I have a few issues yet to resolve.

Cueing seems to be problem. Multiple attempts have left me with crazy echoes and inability to split the mix or monitor output in my headphones. Also unable to light Cue buttons on controller (or any other lit buttons to be fair). This left me with with much head scratching…

Talking of scratching - No joy whatsoever in mapping my controller’s jog wheels to allow any realistic turntable control.

Am I right in assuming there are bugs in the Spotify integration also? Attempted to load a few tracks through Spotify and hit with loading error and time out messages.

Algoriddim - Please can you guys shed any light on these issues?

Thanks, and Happy New Year.

LED feedback for Denon controllers will not work out of the box, as they use completely non-standard MIDI messages for controlling LEDs. I can’t give you a timeline, but we are working on native mappings for Denon controllers including custom code to support their non-standard MIDI specs for LEDs.

Hi Peachy,

(Pre-cueing): What is your Devices setup (under djay > Preferences > Devices)?

(Jogwheel mapping): What did you map the jogwheels to? Please take a screenshot of your mapping.

(LEDs on buttons): In the MIDI configuration window, open the “Advanced” options and turn on “MIDI Out”.

(Spotify Timeout): Our team is already investigating this issue.

The crossfader curve is not assignable, but you can easily change the curve via Mixer > Crossfader Curve in the menu bar.

Warren, you JUST told me in another thread that LED’s don’t work with these controllers but yet you keep telling people to turn on “Midi Out”. You know that doesn’t work. Why do you keep telling people that?

LED’s will NEVER work with Denon controllers until this software get’s off their rear end’s and fixes the midi mapping.

Every other software can map the LEDs except this software and they blame the controllers.

No, they are not. We have been asking for YEARS to have controllers mapped or simply be able to turn the LED’s on. They BLAME the controllers but as you know, every other software in the world can properly map LED’s and turn them on.

We are starting a media blitz to show users what this software can and can not do… at this the point, that is all we have left. They don’t listen to us and give canned responses that never get fixed.

It works perfectly for me. I have the same controller and it works great.

David, there is nothing to change. It’s natively mapped. Just plug it in.

That do not work Warren, tried all the channels, no dice.

I did some mapping for the MK2, except for the FX and Hot cue, “leds” still don’t work, not even with the midi out in advance settings.
Willing to share what I have.

Are they trying to make the Denon MK2 native or help us to get the leds to work.

Thanks Anders

Is there a way you can share your mapping with me? I’m taking a stab at it too

having trouble assigning the crossfader curve know

Is there anyway to configure the LEDs?

Is there an update for this situation with Denon? MC6000MK2 to be more specific? I’m having issues with audio that becomes too loud for the controller when loading the track (the gain doesn’t seem to work properly with what DJPro is telling it) and sometimes DURING playing track using this controller. Doesn’t seem to happen with my Denon DN-X1600 mixer but I need to be using my MC6000MK2. Is there an update for the midi setup to fix this?

I’d love to chat with you about it when you have the time. I have so many questions. But mainly settings. Thanks! Feel free to call me at 414 581 7511…

Install latest windows drivers and enjoy

Best Regards
Manu :wink: