Denon MC7000 mapping

Hello all,
I am planning to buy a Denon DJ MC7000 but do you know if the mapping is existing or not?
if not do you know if it easy to do it manually?
if not I will go for MC6000 MK2, what do you think ?
thanks a lot for your feedback

I have also mappen the Denon MC 7000.

  • LED are working if you set in Midi Out the Min Value from 0 to 1

  • Jogwheel LED are working manually. DJay Pro does not send Midi Out to the Controller to get Jogwheel LED working

  • Channel 1 Note On F#-1 1

  • Channel 1 Note On F#-1 2

  • Channel 1 Note On F#-1 97

  • have someone a Idea wow to map the PAD’s in a way if i select CUE on the PAD Bank PAD1-8 will be remapped to CUE’s and if I select Sampler on the PAD Bank PAD1-8 will be remapped to Sampler?

Manually I got colored PAD LED working. But DJay Pro does not Switch off the Button LED anymore.

  1. No mapping avaialable yet
  2. I heard is not difficult to do the manual mapping; but it’s time consuming
  3. Is Dejay Pro using Spotify your main source of music? If so, I will not recommend getting the MC 7000…

Babrbar Rendy: woluld you be instrested in doing a good deed by sharing your mapping amaong us? :slight_smile:

That’s bullshit. I have mc7000 and maping can be done. I tried the manual mapping and responded normally. I would just wonder if any of Algoriddim on this device creates. I mean, in the mapping so unwisely scheduled.

Currently I create mapinng for Denon DJ MC7000. Basic buttons such as play, cue, sync, equalizer, crosfader, Vol + -, tempo bend, bend and pith. I got stuck at select / bad load latency react somehow simultaneously with crosfaderem and then it causes problems. I need help.

Here I’ve done something but there is not complete. And I do not know whether it will resolve, it seems to me as if it were compatible with djay pro (beta).…

(mapped deck 1 deck 2)
Jog,crosfader, tempo,
sync,play,shift autolop,togle sec,equalizer,filterpith bend + -, key.

Missing fx settings Search songs and a lot of other things that I could not mapped

I would be happy if you get involved in mapping

You can provide it with your mapping. I would send back my own.


My Mapping Denon DJ MC7000…

Hello. Why not? Whats the problem? Im thinking about buying one.
Grtz Bart