Denon prime 4 connected to iPhone


I’ve just connected my denon prime 4 to my iPhone using the lightening usb camera adapter however the sound comes out very stuttery skips with lots of lag and latency, does anyone know why or have any suggestions?

You’ll be disappointed to read this:

I’m not on 16.5 but on an older version so this shouldn’t be affecting me. I’m not using an official Apple camera usb connector , is that why you think?

Cabling is generally a good place to start troubleshooting, so it’s possible your off-brand camera-usb connector doesn’t meet Apple’s specifications. But not every app is as far backwards compatible as we would like to think: iOS versions and app versions can get a little glitchy too if one of them is more current/modern than the other, so it’s generally best to be running the newest iOS with the latest app versions to make sure Apple has taken care of things for the app developers and their end users.

Thanks buddy - managed to get it working. Just rebooted my iPhone and that seemed to sort the issue out. Thanks for your advice though, good tip for sure.

Not sure if it is related but what IOS firmware are you on with your iPhone?
There is a known issue with 16.5 regarding the Camera adapter

I’m on 16 not 16.5 and won’t be updating

Hey @Sunny - Welcome to the Community! Thanks for your first post :slight_smile:

The latest iOS update, 16.5.1, has fixed the Lightning Camera Kit issue. Could you please try updating and let us know if the issue persists?

Also, if you haven’t already, please make sure djay Pro AI is updated to the latest version as well, 4.1.9.

We’re looking forward to hearing back and hearing how it goes!

Works perfect - I can confirm :+1:

I’m just waiting for a stems update that will improve the current version! But apart from that all good / thanks for checking

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I can say that the latest IOS update did indeed fix the Apple camera kit issue