Denon X1800 & DVS


I’ve been waiting on DVS for a little while now and I’m thrilled it’s got the go ahead. I had recently bought a Denon X1800 mixer and was wondering if it’s possible to use this with DVS. I noticed that the X1850 is natively supported, but can I use the X1800?

I had tried to sort this out myself with Traktor timecode vinyl, with no real success, I plugged the rca in’s to the correct channel and get a tone through on phono, but when I turn it to DVS, I get nothing. I’ve also been in the Sound settings and adjusted the soundcard outs, but alas, no joy.

If anyone has any info on this then I’d appreciate any kind of help.


Oh, I’ve also updated the mixer to version 1.6, I think that’s the latest version from Denon.

Hi @Archiesbald, I just tried it yesterday with a X1850 but I assume it should work the same with an X1800. At leased it should be something which could be fixed with a X1800 firmware update.

What I did and what was working for me.

  • Since I don’t have currently DVS vinyl I downloaded the DVS track from Serato to play it on my SC6000
  • The SC6000 is connected to the RCA IN of the X1850 (so both phono and rca should work with DVS mode - I was afraid that maybe only phono will work)
  • The X1850 input selector is set to DVS
  • As soon as I connected the USB B from the X1850 to the Apple camera adapter which is connected to my iPhone Djay was recognising the Mixer and was suggesting to start with the calibration.
  • I assume this would be the first important step for you to check if DJay is recognising the mixer
  • You will see if the DVS signal is arriving in DJay in the calibration panel.
  • I did not get any sound from Deck 2 on my X1850 channel 5/6 at first.
  • To solve this issue I had to reselect the output channels in the external mixer settings in DJay. (maybe this is the only problem you got)

After this it was working stable without any issues. Of course I can not confirm that it will work with X1850. I only can describe how it was working for me.

I had a lot of fun and will definitively order the original DVS vinyl from Allgoriddim as soon its available again. I see it more like an “let me do some old school DJing” since I am not a scratch DJ :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.


As addition I would like to mention that the only thing X18XX is doing in DVS mode is to expose the input RCA/Phono as audio out channels via USB and to accept USB in channels to feed the mixer channel at the same time. So it’s not really magic.


Traktor Timecode will not work because it’s not based on a 1kHz tone, which Djay expects. Technically, it will, but will register way too fast. I have tried this myself.Serato and Rekordbox timecode works, I have tried both. Can’t help you with your mixer problem unfortunately.

Ahh, thanks for the input, folks.

I have some cool, white Traktor timecode vinyl’s that I may have to consign to the record box. I’ll give a new set of Serato vinyl a go, because I don’t think the Djay Pro ones won’t be available for a while.

Just to say I found the problem after spending a little more time on it. The X1800 has a setting for DVS on the utility menu which I hadn’t noticed. I has to be set to phono or line depending on your player. My 1210’s are phono and it was set to line by default. I changed that and got my DVS signal through.

At first everything seemed to be fine, but I started to notice that with my Traktor timecode the tunes were not playing at the correct speed. After a few checking the speed of the turntables, using sync etc I found it to be too difficult to get this to operate as wished. Then I remembered I had some old Final Scratch vinyl laying around somewhere and got more favourable results with that. It means adjusting the pitch in your settings, but it’s perfectly workable.

Just sharing what I’ve learned.

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Hey everyone,

As @jimbobatzke pointed out, the Traktor Timecode Vinyls are based on a 2kHz tone, whereas ours are based on a 1kHz tone and therefore won’t work properly with djay. Hope that helps!

Would it be possible to make DJay compatible with both ? 1khz and 2khz ?

In the meanwhile I have tried Serato and Traktor Time Code Vinyl. With Serato if I am trying only to cue up very slightly my needle is jumping around. I would have to spend another $200 to make it work. With Traktor I am not getting this problem and even scratching would be possible in Abs mode.

Stupid question, did you try recalibrating?

Struggling to get X1850 to play from 7th gen iPad and 2nd Gen iPad Pro… will use these and report back. I got signal, calibrated but no music sounds.

For anyone who’s following, this has been a total fail. Been corresponding with Algoriddim and Denon folks, they don’t seem to know what’s the issue and response has been very slow. So the Denon goes back to the store… couldn’t get anything but a sine wave out that thing. I will give DJay DVS a few more tries, but not looking good, definitely might be time to fully commit to Serato.

Did you switch the input of X1850 ?

For me audio routing is working perfectly whereas Djay DVS if not of same quality as in Traktor Pro.