Denon x1850 support?

I just saw your nice promo video for Denon LC6000 with Juicy M. She uses a full Denon set together with Denon mixer x1850. Is this mixer already supported by Algoriddm? Would love to have a DJ Pro set around this mixer.

Thanks in advance.

+1 for this official support if it’s not already there.

Thank you for sharing your requests. We added this thread to our issue tracking system in which we collect votes and requests for the Denon x1800 and x1850. The two mixers can be used in external mixer mode. We are currently not supporting the Link feature of the mixers to the SC series.

This means you can use the controller on Mac at the moment by selecting the external mixer mode (iOS is not supported at the moment).

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well… are you saying the setting in this video is fake?