Did anyone else see Gadget Show on Channel 5 last night (18.11.2013)?

Judge Jules was in Ibiza reviewing DJ apps for the programme. It was only a brief 5 minute slot, but nice to see DJ apps getting some airtime on terrestrial UK TV.

He looked at djay 2, another app on iOS and one on a Windows tablet. I wont name the others as it’s probably not the done thing on the forum.

The review was pretty lightweight, but he liked the feature set of djay 2 and was impressed by the FX and instant loop functionality. The only downside was that he had issue with the BPM detection and the beatgrid placement - two things which you can correct within the app on the few occasions you need to…something he didn’t seem to know. With this info, he might have scored djay 2 higher than he did.

I wonder if anyone from Algoriddim was aware that the review was taking place?

Hi DJ Hombre,

I personally haven’t seen it. I’ll ask around in our team. :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing!

I saw it and to be fair the judge failed to mention that traktor can’t be adjusted if the beatgrids are/go out, unlike djay2. Where djay2 falls down IMO is there’s no easy way to see the loop length on the waveform or turntables screen. You have to drill down a few menus! Whereas the standard traktor layout shows the length easily on the waveform screen