Did anyone successfully make a Numark NVii mapping?

Like I know there are several in this forum, I’m a big fan of the Numark NVii controller and it’s one that I use with Virtual DJ super successfully.

Despite being marketed as a ‘Serato’ controller - virtual DJ had it mapped in weeks and it’s fully functional (both screens work flawlessly too - it’s seamless).

Did anyone manage to create a djay mapping for it? I fully understand that the screens won’t work - but that’s fine - I can live with that - just need the controller to work with djay.

And the midi learn is way over my head if you are wondering!

There have been several posts on this but all are closed down.

So just seeing if anything’s changed in the meantime

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Doesn’t look like it. I actually bought a different controller just to use DJay but have held onto the NVii hoping they would eventually support it! :cry: