Did My First Gig 5.0…

Did my first gig with 5.0. Rane One, 2021 iPad Pro. Played for 5 hours using stems, switched between 2 deck and 4 deck mode, Tidal searched and played. Everything without a single hiccup. iPad barely got warm. This program is AMAZING.


Awesome. I went for breakfast with my friend who loves audio stuff and he was so impressed. He isn’t a dj but just loves music and art. Demo a Smiths song - Panic. Random song I know, but it showed capability at beatgridding and how the sound is on stems.

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YEAH!!! That beatgrid function is a BEAST!!!

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Awesome news,
I’m looking to update my ipad soon,
My current iPad is Gen 9 with lightning port so I am still using the camera adapter for it on my rane one…
would you mind sharing your connection set up and be able to tell me what I would need in order to use a new iPad

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iPad Pro USB C hub Adapter for iPad Pro 12.9 11 2022-2018,9-in-1 hub with 4K HDMI,3 USB3.0,SD/Micro SD Card Slot,3.5mm Jack,USB-C PD 60W,USB-C3.0 Data,Accessories for iPad Air 4/5,iPad Mini 6 Amazon.com

I use this but it’s no longer available from this seller. It’s just a usb hub. Then I plug my Rane one into the hub. I hear anker has some really good ones as well. That’s pretty much it. Quick and easy.


Thanks much appreciated,

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Did you use Crossfader FX? If so did it behave (filters, curve, reproducibility) exactly the same as with no controller connected? With my DDJ FLX4, the Crossfader FX is completely different (clunky) compared to iPad wirh no controller


Haven’t tried the crossfader fx yet.

Yes, I would like to say the same thing that I tried the new version 5.0, but I can only do it on my laptop because there is no mapping for the Pioneer Opus Quad either.
If you do a search on the Rekordbox, Serato or VDJ forums you will see that everyone is talking about the new Djay 5 and especially about Fluid Beatgrid… it is so frustrating to see that the software you know (and paid for) still since 2010 it has become so efficient and you can’t use it.
Virtual Dj managed to make an excellent mapping for Opus Quad, if they succeeded I think it can’t be that difficult for Djay to make a mapping as well.
I have so far paid about 4 times for Djay for Mac and iPhone and I would be willing to pay one more time to be able to use my Opus Quad with Djay 5. If everyone is talking about Djay 5 now, I think it would be a lot of djs who would try to use this software but we need official maps for the new controllers from 2023…


@Adi_Grecu Have you tried to do some mapping yourself for the Opus Quad?

I have a Pioneer controller which doesn’t have native support either, so I started mapping the play buttons, then cue, then channel volumes and so on. It’s quite easy.

I’m now at a stage where I can DJ using the controller. I’ll add more to the mapping as I go.

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I tried and it’s almost impossible, for example you don’t have the possibility to map “cue” and “play”…
Pioneer DDJ SZ I could a few years ago, but it’s not as good as when you have an official mapping. Returning to Opus Quad, it is not worth using a home made mapping. I don’t understand why Virtual Dj can map any controller (even better than Serato and Rekordbox) and Djay can’t. Even those from Digital Dj Tips noted that if Djay had official maps for more professional controllers, it would attract more DJs to use the software

I mapped cue and play on mine. Those are the first buttons I mapped, so I don’t know why it wouldn’t be the same for Opus Quad.

I know, it’s easy to map “cue” and “play” but Opus Quad seems to be different, that’s why we need an official mapping that includes the screens