Different audio signal through dock connector and headphone jack

Hey guys,

isn’t it possible to get different audio signals through the dock connector and the headphone jack?

My idea:
By using the original ipad dock (http://store.apple.com/us/product/MC3…) I connect the speakers to the dock connector and the headphones (for pre listening) to the headphone jack.

There must be an option for developers to use those two audio outputs for different signals, what do you guys think?

Are there any app developers arround here?

I am really thankful for a quick and helpful solution. The mono-prelistening-solution is just unacceptable!

This is now possible with djay 1.6 or later on iOS 6. Please see the following article for details:

I think that the audio busses are limited by iOS 5.5.1 itself.

My understanding is that it will currently only support 1 x stereo audio output (2 channel)

Hence all audio software, not just Djay is limited in this respect.

Apple recently announced multiple, routable audio busses would be supported in iOS 6. This would allow all sorts of cool things, such as dual stereo output either via a headphone jack / docking port combo or potentially solely via the docking port into a purpose built 2 x mini jack adapter. Hopefully with a charger cable inbuilt also similar to the Apple digital AV cable!

It would also allow the main audio signal to be routed wirelessly via Bluetooth or wifi and the pre-cueing to be done via headphone jack. So you’d be able to wander around the dancefloor DJing :slight_smile:

I have the impression that Algorriddim are already developing the software with this in mind (the iOS 6 SDK has already been released to developers) so I hope to see this kind of solution implemented shortly after iOS 6 is released.

Hopefully a version of Djay will,be released with “External Mixer Mode” similar to NI’s Traktor which has had it for years.