Different bpm analyzed vs what's in playlist

hi, i’m running 5.03 When i analyze a song it shows 104 bpm in the decks and grid editor but in the playlist bpm column it shows 130 bpm. The song is grid correctly and beat matches with other songs no problem. How can I change the bpm column to show the correct bpm, when i double click it says i need to edit this in "my collection’ or 'my file. I tried to edit in ‘my file’ by double clicking the bpm column and still get the same pop up. Thanks.

What song is “a song”? Artist and title please.

Hi @Donn,

Can you please provide screen shots with the specific songs you’re having issues with? Thanks.

The song is ‘Pon de river pon de bank’ by Elephant Man


The actual BPM is 104, and at least for me there’s only a part of the track that is analysed at 104. In my browser (which shows an average) it shows as 123 because the first three minutes of the the track are analysed around 130 BPM.

Open the editor, tap in the tempo, corrected. Job done.

This is on Windows FYI.

Hi PKthDJ, the weird thing is the track is a constant 104 bpm for the whole song. I simply matched it to a metronome at 104 from my phone (just to be completely separate from the program) and it didn’t fluctuate. Not sure why it shows 123 and 130. Also I do see the tempo visually jumping tempos from 104 to 110 to 101 to 107 in the intro, when the tempo is constant as i’ve test with a metronome.
I did notice Djay Pro 5 is great at analyzing fluctuating tempos but for some tracks that actually have a constant tempo but the rhythms are syncopated like this track for example, it doesn’t do well.
Seems strange it’s only analyzing part of the track at 104 when its 104 for the whole track., and displaying 123 or 130 in the browser.
For the edit window it show correctly 104 bpm, no need to tap tempo but how do I change the display bpm column to show 104? As I describe above, double click the bpm column get a pop up window saying i need to change it in ‘my collections’.

As you say, the style of this track is a little out of the ordinary in terms of beat, so I can understand how a computer algorithm is struggling. On the other hand, VirtualDJ seems to be happy with it.

Once I’d corrected the BPM in the edit area, the average shown in the browser column updated.

Thanks for the screen shot @Donn. I’ve shared this with the engineering team for further review. Has this happened only with this song or do you have other examples you can share?

There were a couple more but sorry I forgot which ones… will post if I run across them again or any new ones.
I have a question somewhat related, transition tracks going up or down for example, 90 to120 bpm, will always show the second bpm in the BPM Column in this case 120 but I’d like to tag/organize 90 bpm in the BPM Column since I would be transitioning from 90 up to 120. If i’m playing songs around 90 and like to transition up, this track wouldn’t show for a possible selection in the batch of 90 bpm.
If I change the bpm to 90 in the Edit BPM window by tapping the tempo or by typing after clicking on the pencil, the grid is completely off for both the 90 and 120 section of the track which was perfect when Djay first analyzed.
Djay 5 does a great job at getting the grid for both sections 90 bpm and 120 bpm and the transition, the only snag is the tag for BPM can’t be adjusted or am I missing something?

Hi @Donn,

I’m just following up to let you know that the engineering team is investigating this further. In the meantime, they have suggested that set the BPM by “tapping”. Thanks.

Hi Slak_Jaw, if i tap the tempo it changes the bpm to the tempo i tapped but now the grid is completely off . Before I tapped the grid it was perfect, just the bpm column displays the wrong tempo.

I noticed another issue if you can let me know if there’s a solution. For transition tracks for ex.
100bpm-120bpm, the bpm column always displays the second bpm “120” in the bpm column. There’s nothing wrong w the grid or anything but is there a way to have djay display the first bpm 100 in the column? If your playing your set around 100bpm it would be nice and logical to have that transition track organized at 100bpm in the bpm column since the track starts at 100bpm transitioning to 120. All my transition records display the second bpm.


@donn Have a look around - I’m sure somebody else mentioned this (display BPM from the start of the track) and possibly put in a feature request.

Hi @Donn, can you please update to the latest 5.1.1 version of djay and confirm if it fixes your issue? Thanks!

HI Slak_Jaw, 5.1.1. didn’t fix the issue.
The grid is correct but its just the bpm column shows the second bpm of the transition track instead of the first. If I tap or type in the bpm (in the grid editor window) to the first bpm it throws the grid off.
It’s not a grid issue , Djay just chooses to display the second bpm in the bpm column which isn’t practical for a transition track. Usually you want the bpm column to organize transition tracks from the first bpm going to the second bpm or for how many transitions there are in the track you still want to reference the first bpm since you usually mix in from that point.


Hi @Donn,

I tested this song from Apple Music on iOS and Windows with the latest release of djay and it’s showing 130 BPM in the deck and library views. Are you still seeing different BPMs or is the issue that you want it to show 104 BPM instead of 130 BPM?

Yes there’s still an issue if that particular track shows 130 because it’s actually 104 (although it does have a tricky rhythm).

I think Donn’s issue now is with the browser BPM showing an average rather than an exact BPM.

For example if a track starts at 100 and ends at 120, the browser will show 110. I think in most cases, DJs want to see the BPM that the track starts at - in this case 100.

Hi @Donn and @PKtheDJ, I spoke with the engineering team and this is what I was told regarding how the BPM is currently recorded in the Library BPM Column.

Currently the most prevalent BPM is the one that gets recorded to the BPM Column. This is the BPM whose grid correlates the strongest with the actual beat grid.

We agree that recording the starting BPM of the song into the Library BPM Column is probably the best approach for the majority of DJs. Thanks for the suggestion @PKtheDJ. The team will investigate this further and will consider implementing this in a future update.

It might be wise to conduct a user survey first, or offer the user a choice between the current system or displaying the BPM from the track intro.

Thanks Slak_Jaw and PKtheDJ !

You’re welcome @Donn