Different BPM loads to what has been analyzed - Djay Pro iOS

I’m using Djay Pro v1.0.3 for iPad and have encountered a problem where a track is (correctly) analysed as 120 BPM but then the track (incorrectly) loads at only 119.6 BPM. This then causes a problem for looping - as shown in the screen shot (see Controversy). The problem is not able to be resolved by manually changing the BPM to 120 or adjusting the the beat grid - the looping is out no matter what.

Any suggestions for resolving the issue would be appreciated :slight_smile:

See screenshot below for the same track (Controversy) having been correctly analyzed by Djay Pro at 120 BPM.

Why would the same track load at a different BPM to what has been analyzed?

Hi there,

thank you for the detailed informations. Could you please send us the track “Controversy - Prince” which is getting analysed wrong via support@algoriddim.com?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.