different Colored led for Jogwheels for easier 4 deck mode

I had the idea that using the leds on the jogwheel in my case for better visual feedback on which deck you are.

I play mostly 4 deck sets in the 4 deck mode of djay (ipad). My Controller (Mixon 4) shows if you are on deck 1 and 3 as well as on deck 2 and 4 only with a small light button (on/off), which is easy to miss in a hectik ckub situation. I just thought since most controllers allow you to mess with the leds of the jogwheels, this could be utilised to make it easier to differentiate the status of the deck. The running red dot (indicator if the platter is spinning or not) could remain but the remaining leds would turn for example blue for deck 1 und green deck 2 yellow for deck 3 and purple for deck 4. this way everytime you look at the player section of your controller you can imediately see on which deck you are operating.

Anyway just a thought