Different key displayed in Match tab and track analysis

You know what I hate in this app, loading two songs from Spotify and one of them ends up being tagged with a different key than what you saw in the Match menu. I wish I could analyze all songs loaded in the queue to see if the key tags change after analysis, then I could arrange the songs in such a way that there is smooth harmonic mixing.

Hi Matthew,

Pre-analyzing Spotify songs in the library is not allowed due to license restrictions.

Which song(s) had a different key in the Match tab? What was the key in the Match tab and what did the track analysis determine?

Thanks for the songs. We’ll look into this.

Easily Embarrassed - Mental Anguish
Match: C
Analysis: G

Perpetual Loop - Be Happy
Match: G
Analysis: Eb

AstroPilot - Veda (feat. Mikrokosmos)
Match: G
Analysis: Bb

Do you get the picture?