Different Time signatures?

I am really happy with my Djay 2 for iPad. As I like different genres of music, I come across the challenge to set the beat grid for different Time signatures but the 4/4. How can I set the beatgrid for 3/4, for instance? Please guide me if I am missing something! :slight_smile:
/ Jonas

Iā€™m sorry, Jonas, the Beadgrid is only designed to 4/4 signature.

I ran into the same thing on DJay Pro for Mac. I wish the Grid and the Slicer could figure out other Time Signatures. Ran into a 3/4 song down beat was the back beat half the time.

This probably is not super high on my hopes of things to get addressed by I did notice it too.

3/4 or even 6/8 would be great because down beat is tied to sync etc. it makes it hard to do anything creative with something that is not like 4/4 2/2. Not sure if this is a ton of work. Maybe it is not worth the effort. but there are a few songs from time to time that it would be nice.