Digital Dj Tips + DjWorx = Remote for Djay Pro 2

In their reviews, both dj profesional platforms said same thing : Automix AI is perfect for Dj’s who have small parties, home parties, receptions, cocktails , etc. when Dj absolutelly have no people on dance floor all night during event and no point to stay like a mummy on the desk, so can make a small playlist and the best thing (missing now) is a Remote with you can control the volume, maybe add or remove some track.
Even at weddings there are eating times, Dj’s eat , no ? So, as a dj at wedding with a remote, can make a playlist and if a track is a litlle bit louder or a little bit quieter, during eating my meal i can make the right adjustment with a REMOTE !!!
More than that, Djay have in the past a Remote App which works like a charm.
So, Algoriddim…since Djay Pro have his price, Djay Pro 2 (again) have his new price, why in the name of God you don’t come out with a Remote for Djay Pro ?!
I will pay for it and the forum is full with dj’s request for that Remote and of course they will pay too for Remote…
Why don’t you want , to release a new Remote app ?!
P.S. Old Remote App is not working anymore with iOS 11, so i have an app unuseable…