Digital DJay Instruction Booklet/4 Decks/iPhone 6 Plus/Additional Onscreen Feedback/And More!


I am an entry level DJ who’s just getting my feet wet in the world of DJing. I’ve been using DJay 2 for iPad now for about 3 months and have a pretty decent grasp of how it works although I’ve still got a way to go before I become a DJay 2 master. Which brings me to my first and most important point/request. I love your software. It’s incredible and honestly I want to master it in a way that I could use it one day for professional level mixes and production. From what I’ve gathered so far, DJay 2 really isn’t very far from being a production level app. I’ve already made some incredible mixes and my mind is swimming with ideas of how to take it to the next level. The issue however, is that as a novice, there are a lot of things that I’m both overlooking and not quite grasping on my own. So here comes my number one request. For “DJay 3” if there will be a DJay 3 I would love it if Algoriddim would produce a digital instruction booklet that both provides a detailed list of features along with examples/explanations of how to use/access them. And not just how to use/access these features from within the software but also how to access them with a generic deck configuration or using the DDJ-WeGo2/3. Or even using all the decks that DJay supports! This would open the software up to a much broader audience and at the same time give people like myself, who have figured most of the software out on their own, the ability to take things to the next level, which I desperately want to do. I’d even be willing to pay for just such a book. Maybe sell it on the iTunes iBooks store! I’d drop $19 to $39 USD on it depending on how comprehensive it is. But keep it simple & powerful just like the software.

My second request is also for DJay 3, which I really hope you guys are churning away on. I would like to see DJay 3 be supported on the iPhone 6 Plus and have all the of the capabilities and functionality of the Mac and iPad versions. It seemed like there may have been a few things that were not exactly the same across all three but it would be awesome if it were exactly the same feature wise on the Mac, iPad, iPhone 6 Plus. Especially since I want to be able to use my iPad and iPhone 6 Plus for performances. I own DJay 2 for iPad only and love it, and will be buying DJay for the 6 Plus just as soon as there is a native version that takes full advantage of the screen and is at the very least as capable as the iPad version.

My third request is to add support for four decks. My DDJ-WeGo2 supports up to four decks A, B, C & D and I would love to start mixing four tracks at a time. There are so many tracks that I’ve already made that I would love to add additional layers to. Maybe this is a technical limitation of iOS devices currently, but if it isn’t, please add it! At the very least add the capability to run any two of four decks simultaneously even if you can’t mix all four. Or even to mix from a max of three decks if that is even possible. What ever the hardware is capable of, push it to its limits!

My fourth request is for on screen information. It seems to me that it would extremely useful to view both the effects and samples just as you can your cues without having to interact with the touch interface when plugged into an external device. I realize that you can move samples around and assign them to the top four groups so that they are assigned to the corresponding buttons on the deck but a visual cue would be spectacular. Especially if there are four decks and I can assign different samples to different decks. Additionally I know of no visual cue for effects without having to interact with the touch interface. Again, some sort of cue so that you can see what effects are assigned and how it is manipulating the music in some way would be a very welcome feature. Also, I would love to be able to hold down shift to access the two samples that are not available from the DDJ-WeGo’s buttons. That would also give the software the ability to have 16 samples per page rather than the existing 12 four of which are unaccessible from the deck, this would really crank up the usefulness of the DDJ-WeGo and make for a much more enjoyable experience!

My fifth request would be to take advantage of iOS 8 extensions. Hopefully other apps will too. But please don’t miss the boat if Rdio drops an extension as well as Beats. I know Spotify is your exclusive partner right now, but having access to all three streaming services would be boss. Additionally it would be awesome to take advantage of applications such as Luminair if and when they drop extensions for their app. I’d be blown away if I could manage an entire show through DJay even if it meant just having really generic Lighting sets that just play along with the beats through a Luminair extension.

Last, try to make scratching sound as realistic as possible. It’s not terrible at the moment but I find myself avoiding the scratching functionality as it really doesn’t come off as nicely as vinyl sounds.

Thanks for hearing me out, and I genuinely hope that you enjoy the feedback I have for your product. It’s rare to come across software so good that even if you weren’t willing to incorporate some of my ideas that I would use it and love it all the same. But you guys strike me as a company that likes to do the absolute best possible work you can do with each iteration and it excites me to see what you’ve got up your sleeve for the next release! If for some reason this was not the correct outlet for sharing my opinion, please let me know where I can send it and if it turns out some of these features are supported or you do have a technical manual somewhere, I beg that you share that information with me!


Thanks for posting your suggestions.