Direct connection to ShoutCast and IceCast

So, I know that there are other programs that you can use to have your audio go through to then be able to broadcast to ShoutCast and IceCast, but I would love to see that option on djay. It would make broadcasting so much easier. I currently have to use Virtual DJ Pro to connect with ShoutCast, but I would prefer to use djay. It’s just so much better and the options to mess around with the songs are endless. Djay truly is the best DJ program out there. And I would love to use it more often if it had the capability to broadcast.

Hey guys,

thank you for sharing your feedback. Added ice cast/shoutcast support to our user request list.

Lukas E.

I know this is probably a dead horse but native support for icecast or shoutcast would be welcome. Good publicity for Algoriddim as well, supporting streamers and radio Djs

With the imminent demise of Nicecast, native Shoutcast support would be even more welcome now. Maybe for DJ Pro 2? I would certainly upgrade immediately.

Any updates on this? This is the only thing holding me back from buying djay; it’s a great piece of DJ software! There doesn’t seem to be any solution on Windows for broadcasting with djay that doesn’t pick up all system audio.