Direction of waveform animation could match Platter animation

Hello hello

I had a bit of a idea last night. I was looking at the direction of the waveform animation and the direction of the platter animation and it felt like they were working against each other… traveling in opposite directions. (counter initiative)Then I realised if you moved the waveform display below the platter, everything would animate in the same direction, much like tape being spooled on an old reel to reel setup.

You could maybe even allow the user to choose, waveform above or below and for scratch dj’s you could offer the ability to rotate each deck by 90 degrees.

Have a look at the image attachment. Your software is already super-intuitive but if everything moved in the same direction it would certainly stop my frontal lobe from hurting so much!

Love the software… it’s so much fun!

Thanks for your feedback.