Disable All Notifications and System Sounds When djay is Running,

So ye, I can’t stand getting an imessage and music is interrupted

Control Center is way too complicated as you have to pick each and every program, disable it, skype , imessage, iclarified, Facebook, Craigslist, eBay, yapta, etc.

Then when you’re done with djay, goto control center and enable them all again, 1 by 1, Then disable again, etc.

PLEASE, add a “disable notifications” option, button., please
When I djay, I do not want any interruptions, reminders, system sounds, etc.

Is this possible???

Have you tried enabling the “Mute” button on the side of the iPad/iPhone?

FYI… The Do Not Disturb does not work.
It only works for certain things, not sure exactly which

what do you guys/gals do to disable all your sounds when djing ??

Wow, never thought of that as I would think that would mute djay as well
My side switch is set to lock rotation
I know I can change that
But it’s easier to push up from bottom to open control center and hit “mute”
Tried imessage and it does mute sounds, alerts, not sure if it mutes everything else
We will see, I am happier now. :slight_smile:

Thanks Warren

Anyone ever verify is this works?