Disable Auto Analyze. Please?

In my James Brown voice…Please, please, please give us the option to disable the auto analyze. Or allow the program to read tags made outside of the program.

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Hi @DJ_A_Diffrance,

Thanks so much for the great suggestion!

I’ll make sure to pass this along to the dev team for further review.

Have an awesome day!

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THAT would be GOLDEN!

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just wanted to say that i also would like the option to turn off analyze. obviously it has to analyze the waveforms, but i would prefer to keep the embedded id3 key tag that beatunes/mixed in key embed into the files themselves.

quite frustrating to see djay pro, beatunes, and MIK all give different key readings with no way to just pick one for the sake of consistency.


Great idea!
I’ve been using Mixed In Key for 10 years now and I’m sad that djay pro doesn’t see these tags


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