Disable "Lock Screen" automatically while app in use

This is a feature that has been long requested and is available in many other apps. Please add automatically ovewriting the IOS Lock Timer for the screen. Like another user has already suggested this is easily implemented by:

application.idleTimerDisabled = true;
UIApplication.shared().isIdleTimerDisabled = true;

It is problematic when the screen locks after a short time because the app can freeze after that. Also using the IOS option auto lock: “never” is not really practical because it will be forgotten from time to time and also it is not very practical to do this by hand before using the app every time.


I’m using guided access as a workaround. You don’t have to disable the feature in settings as it won’t interfere with normal use (you simply triple click the sleep / wake up button).

It’s pretty neat and also comes in handy when I’m just using / sharing Spotify and I don’t want people to look around on my iPad. Works great with a smart cover too.

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Cool, thanks for this nice idea! I had no clue this function exists :slight_smile:

Still hoping for a fix from Algoriddim, but meanwhile this will be very handy.

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I’m using owly on macos

I use Amphetamine, it allows ‘triggers’, so it will sit there doing nothing until I open Djay and then spring into action and prevent sleep mode.


We currently prevent the display from dimming if any deck is playing, and a MIDI controller is connected or you’re in video mode. When using djay without a controller you would typically interact with it, or use Automix where you might not want the battery to get drained more quickly from the screen being on. I’d recommend changing the auto-lock interval in the iOS system settings to something like 2-5 min to avoid accidental screen locking.


I am using Djay in external mixer mode, with additional 3 controllers connected. Still, the screen is locking when nothing is playing. I don’t think this is the intended behavior and I think this just started a few months ago because in all the years before I never had this issue.

So please have a look again if it should not close when a midi controller is connected because this does not work right now. Thank you!

Yes, this is by design as we don’t want to drain the battery when you’re not using djay.

That being said, I’ll see if we can improve this to always keep the screen on when a MIDI controller is connected and the device is connected to power, irrespective of playback state.

The current system isn’t working well for me and I would love to have the option to disable sleep, especially because djay doesn’t handle it well when a hardware controller is connected. I would love to have that option even if I’m on battery power - part of the reason I love DJing on an iPad is because the battery lasts so long.

Basically you would not want it to go to sleep at all at the moment as it can cause a crash (freeze) like 25% of the time when going back to the app after sleep. So as long as those crashes happen, it would be good to have no sleep at all.

Anyway your solution sounds fine, at least for my setup.


Can you please share more information about how to reproduce this freeze with support@algoriddim.com or in a separate topic here? I don’t think we’ve seen this, and it sounds like this is the actual issue that should be fixed here.

Ok, I wrote to support about this. Sure, it would be good if that could be fixed, but on the other hand sleep is still problematic, and I would love to see your suggested fix for it. As in a back to back situation, you could end up having to “unsleep” the app several times in a set. This is not only annoying, but also risky, as you never know what issues sleep can cause. So it feels like the safest choice would be to not have it happening at all. Or leave the choice to the user…

This has been fixed in the latest version. Thank you!!

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