Disable MIdi

Is there a way to disable MIDI on djay Pro 2(Mac)? I do not wish for the app to recognize any controller or HUD device when plugged in to my laptop. I only use it to play my playlist and I DJ/Mix from Rekordbox 6. when I connect any of my pioneer controllers, Djay Pro 2 enables them and I have to manually disable them every time. I am running both of the softwares on the same laptop. When I plug in the controllers, and run DJay Pro 2, the app detects the controller and somehow, some functionality of the controller on RB quits to work. 

Thanks bud, but I already know about this and disable the devices as mentioned above, its annoying that I have to do it every time I start djay pro. There should be an option for djay pro not to detect controllers or HUD device when they are plugged in. I think I will try the  “External Mixer Mode” and see if that helps

Yeah, that did not work, there needs to be an option to disable Midi auto asignment of controllers, it really messes up with the main Rekordbox software of that controller. 

I would usually say go into MIDI settings or change the name of the device itself but this would affect both SW. This would have to be within Djay itself. Give me a minute and I’ll check.

OK. Open Djay. Go to MIDI panel (located on top near setup etc.) then go to configure… then go to advanced … (bottom left) then uncheck the enable controller. Done.

I don’t think it will. That really just has to do with the sound routing.

Kinda late to ask BUT I am actually kind of having a hard time understanding why this would be needed in the first place. If you are looking to play your Spotify playlist why not just use Spotify standalone app? If you are looking to play local files why not just import them into Rekordbox. Not trying to be a prick just trying to understand. I actually ran into this very same issue with Serato & Ableton using the Ableton Push controller. Now TLDR it came down to why should Serato add/change anything it if is an Ableton issue. Furthermore why should Ableton add/change anything if it is a Serato issue. To translate why should Algoriddim put the effort into this to facilitate your use with an alternative DJ application? This comes down to both programs using the same MIDI values.

OK very far fetched BUT try and follow this. There is a chance you could rename your MIDI device within your computer setup. This works 100% with Apple I have no idea with Windows. SO anyways prior to renaming your device copy the current MIDI presets. Then you rename your device and load the MIDI presets to that device. This should trick the SW you do NOT want to use with said device as it will still be looking for an alternate device.