Disable or auto crossfader needed with video in DJay Pro for iPad?

Can you disable crossfader in DJay Pro for iPad? I am using videos predominantly but I don’t use a crossfader generally, just the 2 faders for each deck. The problem I have is that when I cue up or am cueing with the crossfader in the middle, the other song blends/fades into the main window when I’m not actually playing it to the audience. I am a current Virtual DJ user and it is this issue that is stopping me using DJay Pro for my gigs. In Virtual DJ, the crossfader moves automatically when you fade from one deck to the other using the main faders so you don’t get this problem. As I said, it is only this one issue that is stopping me. I basically need either the crossfader to be disabled so that the videos fade in and out with the deck faders or for the crossfader to automatically fade from one to the other once a new deck is active. Also, when the crossfader is in the middle, the output video is dimmed as it trying to blend etc the video from the other deck, even if the video is paused on a black screen and not active. I really don’t want to keep using the crossfader every time, I normally push up the fader for the next song ready to play - if I do this with the crossfader in the middle, you see the next video and the current one dims.

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