Disable the scratch function - feature request

I have a wego3, and would be really happy if you can implement the two following features:

  1. Option to turn off the touch sensitive jog-scratch function, leaving the jog-wheel in “CDJ-mode” (only pitch bend, or cueing)

  2. Option to turn the “slip” mode to default “ON”
    Noe I have to turn tid function on for every new track loaded.

I am with you big time on 1.

2 is not so important to me, because it can be turned on and off.


Thank you so much for these ideas. We’ll definitely look into that!

Is it on the roadmad?

Still nothing?

Still nothing?

Settings>Midi>Jog pitch bend mode

I use slip mode for just about every track as well but it is important that it is NOT on when I scratch in at the beginning of the track. I only turn it on after it is playing…